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Four Poster Beds

Pencil post bed

turned pencil post bed
early American folding bed
reproduction of Half-headed bed

Pencil Post Bed PP-1
This is a reproduction of the classic 18th century style tall post bed

Turned Pencil Post Bed PT-1
This reproduction bed has a unique country style design

Folding Bed HH-1
A reproduction of an antique space saving bed.
Half-Headed Bed HN-1
This style has tall head posts and low foot posts

claw foot four poster bed
claw foot tall post bed
tall post chippendale bed
tapered four poster bed

Ball & Claw Bed CB-1
This is an ornately carved Massachusetts tall post bed

Newport Ball & Claw Bed CB-2
One of Newport, RI's finest beds with raised talons and stopped reeding

Chippendale Bed Adaptation CC-2
A contemporary interpretation of the Chippendale style

Taper Post TT-1
A contemporary bed with square taper posts

Queen Anne tester bed
tall post tester bed
Chippendale tall post bed
CChippendale tall post bed with tester

Queen Anne Bed QA-1
A fine example of and early 18th century style

Portsmouth Bed CP-1
The Federal style at its finest from Portsmouth, NH

Country Chippendale Bed CC-1
A country style Chippendale tall post bed

Goddard Chippendale Bed GC-1
One of the finest beds from Newport , RI

reproduction of antique tall post bed
reproduction of antique tall post bed
reproduction of antique bed
Antique George III bed
Seymour Tall Post Bed, SB-8
A fine Federal tall post tester bed

Federal Four Poster Bed, SB-10
Acanthus carved four poster bed

Leaf Carved Tall Post Sheraton, SB-11
A Federal tall post bed with reeding and carving

George III Leaf Carved Bed, GI-1
Elegant 18th century English bed

Inside Taper Post Bed

Inside Taper Post Bed, TT-2
Country style bed with unusual rail and post joint





Contemporary Four Poster Beds

Contemporary pencil post bed
tall post chippendale bed
tapered four poster bed


Pencil Post Bed PP-2
A new interpretation of the traditional pencil post bed

Chippendale Bed Adaptation CC-2
A contemporary interpretation of the Chippendale style

Taper Post TT-1
A contemporary bed with square taper posts

Low Post Beds

17th century low post bed
panelled low post bed
reproduction of a low post bed
acorn and vase low post bed
Turned Pilgrim Bed TP-1
This a reproduction of one of the earliest existent American low post beds
Paneled Low Post Bed PA-1
A reproduction of a 17th century bed with paneled headboard
Low Post Bed
This is a classic 18th century country bed
Acorn & Vase Bed LP-2
A nicely refined 19th century bed

Hired Man's low post bed
low post bed
low post bed
low post bed

Hired Man's Bed LP-3
A very plain low post bed made for servants or children

18th Cent. Low Post LP-4
A reproduction of a low post bed from Old Sturbridge Village

Flattened Ball Low Post LP-5
A painted reproduction low post bed with classic turning


Tapered Low Post LP-6
A low post bed adaptation with slender posts
reproduction low post bed reproduction Shaker bed
cannonball low post daybed
low post daybed
Ball Foot Low Post LP-7
A robust post defines this low post bed.
Shaker Bed LP-8
A reproduction of a New England Shaker bed.

Ball Top Daybed
An 19th century style cannonball bed.

Tapered Post Daybed DB-4
A contemporay interpretation with tapered posts.

Low post bed with tulip motif
Spool Bed Thumbnail
Acorn Bed
Flattened ball Low Post Bed With Straight Leg
Tulip Bed LP-9
A nicely proportionec early 19th century bed
Spool Bed SP-1
A fine example of a Jenny Lind or spool bed.

Acorn Top Low Post Bed
This is a simple, classic low post bed would be found in many 18th and early 19th century homes.

Flattened ball Low Post Bed with Straight Leg, Lp-11
Simple Turned Bed post with flattened ball top and molded bead.

Simple Turned Foot Low Post Bed
Egg Turned Low Post Bed
Simple Turned Foot Low Post Bed, LP-12
Classic Early American low post bed
Egg Turned Low Post Bed, LP-10
Exact copy of an original 18th century low post bed




Cannonball Beds

cannonball bed
cannonball bed
cannonball bed
Reproduction of antique cannonball bed

Ball & Bell Bed BB-1
The classic cannonball bed

Ball Top Bed BB-3
Massive posts define this Empire cannonball bed
Cannonball Bed BB-6
A whimsical design from an antique bed
Cannonball Bed with Blanket Rail BB-5
A cannonball bed with broken arch pediment headboard
Cannonball Bed With Ram's ear Headboard
reprocution of antique cannonball bed with blanket rail

Cannonball Bed with Ram’s Ear Headboard, BB-8
Cannonball bed with an extraordinary headboard, blanket rail and footboard.

Cannonball Bed with Blanket Rail, BB-2
Cannonball bed with an blanket rail andwide rails.

Trundle Beds

trundle bed with paneled headboard
trundle bed


Paneled Trundle Bed TB-2
Our trundle beds are are designed to compliment the main bed
Trundle Bed TB-1
A low bed designed to slide under the main bed


Field Beds

Hepplewhite Field Bed
Sheraton Field Bed
Sheraton Field Bed
Sheraton Field Bed

Hepplewhite Field Bed HP-3
Classic proportions allow this bed to fit in contemporary and traditional homes.

Sheraton Field Bed SB-1
A reproduction country style field bed.

Classic Sheraton Field Bed SB-3
A classic example of the Sheraton style with its traditional foot.

Leaf Carved Field Bed SB-5
An elegant reeded and carved field bed.

Philadelphis Sheraton Field Bed


Ephraim Haines Field Bed SB-9
A reproduction of a fine Philadelphia bed in the Sheraton style.





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