The Country Bed Shop was started in 1975. Our first piece was the pencil post bed. Over the years our customers have asked for a variety of reproduction beds and furniture which has driven the expansion of our offerings. I don't have a show room but you're welcome to see any work in progress and the pieces in our home. It is best to call ahead just make sure I haven't stepped out.

Dan Harju has been working at the Country Bed Shop since 1992. Beside being a skilled craftsman he's a great problem solver with a sense of humor. Dan planing repoduction bed headboard
The Country Bed Shop

All the work from rough lumber to finish is done right here. Each piece is made to order so I can modify it to your needs. This includes setting the rail and headboard heights properly to fit your mattress, something often overlooked with todays thicker mattresses. If you don't see anything that suits you here I can work from a photo, sketch or book reference to make the piece that you prefer.

The area has plenty of history. The shop is located just up the road from the site of the John Fitch Garrison and just down stream from the site of the old Starch Mill along what is believed to be part of the old Northfield Road. To facilitate defense of the Conneticut River valley the British built a road from Lancaster to Northfield Mass.

Shop Winter Image

The old Starch Mill is located on the hill just above the shop probably on the site of Mr. Fitch's saw mill. A large dam once blocked the brook and water was brought to the mill through a stone tunnel and exited in the same manner. In 1850 the dam broke flooding the mills down stream. The foundation of the mill and the tunnels can still be seen with a short walk through the woods

If you can't come and visit us take a look around the web site at some of the pieces I make. If you are interested, curious or just have a question feel free to call or email me.

Yes, that is a phone booth by the door.


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