Detail of Federal bed with elaborate hangings

Portsmouth Bed, CP-1S
with Hangings by John Brace Latham

A Federal bed from Portsmouth NH with elaborate bed hangings

Here is a dramatic Federal bed from Portsmouth, NH with elaborate bed hangings. We were fortunate enough to acquire this bed at the J. B. Latham estate auction. The bed was built here in 2009. This an extrordinary chance to acquire a fully decorated bed at an affordable price. The bed is of solid mahogany in queen size with a slat foundation. This can changed to a box spring if desired. The bed includes a matching quilt. Note that the mattress is quite high. A bed step (not shown) is included. Detail photos are below.

This bed lists for $10,124 without the hangings. It is offered for $7,593 as shown.

Post Hgt.
Over All Hgt.
Outside Dimension
Rail Hgt.
Headboard Hgt. Bottom
Headboard Hgt. Top
91 1/2"
66 x 86"


Detail of corner of the Federal bed from Portsmouth NH


Detail photo of tester frame and hangings


Detail photo of coverlet and headboard of the Portsmouth bed


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