Reproductions of Low Post Beds & Trundles

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17th century low post bed
panelled low post bed
Low Post Bed
Hired Man's low post bed
Turned Pilgrim Bed TP-1
This a reproduction of one of the earliest existent American beds
Paneled Low Post Bed PA-1
A reproduction of a 17th century bed with paneled headboard
Low Post Bed
This is a classic 18th century country bed
Hired Man's Bed LP-3
A very plain bed made for servants or children

low post bed
low post bed
low post bed
cannonball bed

18th Cent. Low Post LP-4
A reproduction of a low post bed from Old Sturbridge Village

Mushroom Top Low Post LP-5
A painted reproduction bed with classic turning

Tapered Low Post LP-6
A low post adaptation with slender posts

Ball & Bell Bed BB-1
The classic canonball bed


cannonball bed
acorn and vase low post bed
cannonball low post daybed
low post daybed
Ball Top Bed BB-3
Massive posts efine this Empire style bed
Acorn & Vase Bed LP-2
A nicely refined 19th century bed

Ball Top Daybed
An 19th century style cannonball bed

Tapered Post Daybed DB-4
An Adaptation

reproduction low post bed
reproduction Shaker bed
trundle bed
trundle bed with paneled headboard
Ball Foot Low Post LP-7
A robust post defines this low post bed.
Shaker Bed LP-8
A reproduction of a New England Shaker bed.
Trundle Bed TB-1
A low bed designed to slide under the main bed
Paneled Trundle Bed TB-2
Our trundle beds are are designed to compliment the main bed


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