Resizing & Restoring Antique Beds

Each bed is worked individually. The success of resizing antique beds is accomplished by selecting appropriate materials and hardware, hand making the parts to fit the original and finishing to match the color and patina.

antique Federal field bed

The earliest American beds did not have a standard size as the bedstead, bolster, tick, mattress and anything else that was needed were made locally to fit. As time went on trade increased making some standardization desirable. The most common size for antique beds is an inside dimension of 48" x 72" plus or minus 2". A bed of these dimensions can usually be made to fit a full or double size mattress by making longer side rails with a platform to support the mattress and leaving the majority of the bed original.

To resize a bed to queen or king all the parts except the posts must be reproduced and finished to match the original. Many say this ruins the bed's value as an antique and I have to agree. However, if the bed is of no use to the owner in its original size, then change, while preserving the antique, is the best option. The compromise is to resize the bed and save the original parts along with it. We will be happy to do this whenever practical. antique cannonball bed resized to king
antique Jenny Lind or Spool Bed In some cases it is not practical to change the width of a bed due to it construction. The Jenny Lind Bed is an example of where it would more efficient to build a new bed to your specifications than try to modify this one.

Bed restoration. You may have a bed that's in need of a little help. It may need resizing or be missing pieces or just needs a platform to support the mattress. Give us a call, we may be able to get you bed back in working order.

If you are repairing or resizing your own bed you may want to take a look at the bed bolts with the antique 3/8" x 14 thread.

antique bed from New Hampshire restored

Some Other Resized or Restored Antique Beds


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