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Jenny Lind or Spool Bed

antique Jenny Lind or spool bed

detail antique Jenny Lind or spool bedA fine example of a Jenny Lind or spool bed room about 1850. This example is made of black walnut with round maple rails. The side rails are missing. This bed has an unusual bed tightening arrangement on the foot rail that apparently tightened a rope running through two holes in the head rail.

This is a later style bed. Here is an example of an early style spool bed.

This bed will require a custom size mattress which we can supply as it is slightly narrower than full size.

photograph of Jenny Lind

Who was Jenny Lind? She was a Swedish opera singer who came to America in 1850 at the invitation of P. T. Barnum. Helped by Barnum's promotion, she became known as the Swedish Nightingale and spent 2 years touring the United States to packed theaters. All sorts of products were associated with her name including this style bed, which she is said to have preferred.

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