Spool Bed B-56

sold to Andrew C., Columbus, OH

antique spool bed

Detail of antique spool bed

This is a lovely early style antique spool bed circa 1845. The headboard and footboard are identical and are mortised to the end rails with wood draw pins securing the joint. The finish is old or original. The rails are made for a rope spring and are left unfinished as is frequently seen on early beds. The 3" square posts are nicely turned. The wood is maple.

Early spool beds tended to have head and foot of equal height with all part being straight. Later beds of this style would have a higher headboard and possibly a curved molding joining the upper horizontal stretcher to the post. The rails would have no provision for a rope spring. Here's an example of a later style spool bed.

This bed is only 5' 9" long but can be made to accomodate a full size mattress by replacing the side rails and installing slats. It can not be made wider.


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Post Hgt.
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46 3/4 x 69"
52 1/2 x 75"
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