detail of antique rope carved Federal bed

Rope Carved Federal Field Bed

antique rope carved Federal bed

detail of antique rope carved Federal bed

This antique Federal field bed is remarkable for it massive foot posts and reverse rope carving. The rope carving is precisely done and the turning well executed. The head posts are plain turned and of a smaller dimension. The heavy rails still have the original pegs for a sacking bottom. Lengthening the side rails will make the bed into a modern full size. Mahogany foot posts, birch rails and head posts, pine headboard.

Here is another rope carved field bed.

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Post Hgt.
Inside Dimension
Outside Dimension
Rail Hgt.
Headboard Hgt. Bottom
Headboard Hgt. Top
68 1/2"
50 x 72"
57 x 80"
24 1/2"
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