Four Poster Sheraton Bed, B-4

Sold to Francois & Sara S., Oakdale, CT

Resized bed

resized antique bed

Original bed

antique sheraton four poster bed

This is a nicely turned antique Sheraton bed with a paneled headboard and robust posts. The turnings are well defined and the The octogon above the square adds a nice detail. The bed has the pegs in the rails for the sacking bottom. Original finish. The footboard is a replacement. The pins in the top of the post suggest a tester frame and bed hangings orginally decorated this bed . Poplar rails and headboard, cherry posts.

Post Hgt.
Inside Dimension
Outside Dimension
Rail Hgt.
Headboard Hgt. Bottom
Headboard Hgt. Top
48 x 72"
55 x 79 1/4"
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