Antique Beds Sold

antique field bed with carving
antique Sheraton tall post bed

Carved Sheraton Field Bed, B-2
A nicely carved antique field bed in and birch

Antique Four Poster Bed B-6
An acanthus carved antique tall post bed.

Antique Pineapple Bed B-7
Antique double end pinrapple bed in mahogany.
Rope Carved Antique Field Bed B-1
A rope carved bed restored for a historic home.
antique cannonball bed
antique reeded tall post bed
a dimnutive antique field bed
Antique Cannonball Bed B-17
A nicely proportioned ball and vase cannonball bed.

Antique Cannonball Bed B-21
A whimsically turned antique cannonball bed.

Antique New Hampshire Bed Restored
An attractive antique field bed with petite proportions.

Antique Massachusetts Field Bed
This fine original has been lengthened to full size by replacing the side rails.

thumbnail of antique bed
antique bed
antique cannonball bed

Antique Four Poster Bed Tiger Maple B-51
A fine Sheraton bed in tiger maple that's all orginal.

High Low Cannonball Bed B-8
This a nicely turned antique cannonball bed with a paneled headboard with top roll

Four Poster Sheraton Bed B-4 This is a nicely turned antique Sheraton bed with a paneled headboard and robust posts.

Cannonball Bed Pediment Headboard B-20
This bed features an unusual pediment headboard as well as a blanket rail and footboard


Federal field bed
antique bed from Vermont
antique four poster bed
Cannonball bed with blanket rail

Federal Field Bed B-58
An exceptional American bed in the Federal style...

Gov. Washburn Bed B-54
A massive antique four poster bed in flame birch

Sheraton Four Poster Bed B-13
A nicely turned antique Sheraton tall post bed.

Cannonball Bed with Blanket Rail
Antique cannonball bed with a tiger maple blanket rail and rails drilled for a rope spring.


antique federal field bed
antique Sheraton bed
Antique bed with pineapple
Antique ball top bed with acanthus carving
Reeded Field Bed B-59
A reeded field bed in mahogany.
Empire Four Poster Bed B-10
An antique tall post bed with paneled headboard, footboard and blanket rail

Classical Pineapple Bed B-53
A nicely carved pineapple bed with buttermold squares.

Acanthus Carved Ball Top B-43
A nicely carved antique ball top bed.


Antique turned tall post bed
antique New England field bed
antique spool bed
antique rope carved field bed
Bird's Eye Maple Four Poster Bed B-3
Antique Sheraton bed with a paneled headboard made of superbly figured bird's eye maple.
Classical Field Bed
A New England field bed with rope carving.

Spool Bed
A classic early style spool bed with old or original finish.

Rope Carved Field Bed B-50
A nicely carved antique field bed in mahogany and birch.


Mid-century reproduction field bed
Antique spool bed
Anitque field bed
Antique low post bed
Mid Century Reproduction B-62
A carved and reeded reproduction Federal field bed.

Jenny Lind Spool Bed B-9
A fine example of a Jenny Lind or spool bed in walnut.

Rope Twist Field Bed B-65
A rope twist carved field bed with carved headboard.

Pine Tree Spool Bed B-63
An unusual spool turned bed in tiger maple.


antique Hepplewhite tall post bed
Antique taper post bed
an Empire tall post bed
A set of antique carved bed posts
Hepplewhite Four Poster Bed
An exceptional antique tall post bed with carving, reeding and inlay.

Tapered Tall Post Bed B-60
An early tall post bed with original red finish.

Empire Four Poster Bed B-5
The massive posts 4 1/2" posts define this antique Empire bird's eye maple bed.

Late Sheraton Carved Posts B-12
A set of 4 posts that can be made into any size bed.


A turned and reeded antique bed
Antique double end cannonball bed
antique field bed
antique low post bed
Reeded Four Poster Bed B-49
This is a well carved antique tall post bed with well executed turnings and a robust appearance.

Classical Field Bed B-24
A double end cannonball bed. This is an older reproduction.

Classical Field Bed B-71
A robust Classical style field bed..

Low Post Bed B-66
A classic American low post bed.


antique tall post bed carved
Antique bed
acorn top low post bed
antique low post bed
Tall Post Carved Bed B-77
This is an old reproduction of a reeded and swag carved bed.

Flattened Ball Low Post Bed B-75
A nicely turned low post bed with original paint.

Acorn Top Antique Low Post Bed B-72
With acorn top and scrolled paneled headboard.

Early Low Post Bed B-79
An early low post bed in original red paint.


antique stepped taper post bed
antique empire bed
antique low post bed in red was
Antique pineapple turned bed.
Stepped Taper Post Bed B-68
A mahogany bed with an excellent finish.

Empire Four Poster Bed B-25
An unusual antique Empire bed with square posts

Low Post Cannonball Bed B-48
A low post cannonball bed ready to use.

Turned Pineapple Bed B-67
With a faux grained and stenciled finish.
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